What is Homeschooling?

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What is Homeschooling?

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What is "Homeschooling?"

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Homeschooling is educating school-aged children in a home setting rather than in a traditional school environment. The shape home schools assume are as diverse those who choose to use this method. Some home schools are highly structured learning centers. Some are more free-form and relaxed. Some home schools employ conventional learning techniques, while others fashion their own curriculums and teaching methods. Cost also varies. Some home schools rely on homemade materials and self-conceived learning plans; others base instruction on commercial curriculum materials that run into the hundreds each year.

Is homeschooling legal?
Homeschooling is now legal in all 50 states, though laws vary from state to state, and "laws and regulations are much more favorable in some states than others," according to the National Homeschool Association. Homeschooling is heavily regulated in some states such as Massachusetts, Minnesota and New York, Lyman notes. Such states often require parents maintain a curriculum planner or diary of written lesson plans, a daily log recording hours of instruction and a portfolio of samples of each child’s work. In other states, school board representatives periodically review your curriculum and monitor your child’s progress. Other states employ a more laissez faire approach.


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