Homeschooling under someone elses roof

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Homeschooling under someone elses roof

Post  Admin on Sat 8 Dec 2007 - 20:04

Has it been difficult to Homeschool under someone elses roof?
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It's 3:00 in the morning. About 10 hours ago, I had a fight with a
family member regarding my decision to take my daughter out of
Public school. I really don't know what gave him the right to even
make a comment and go against my decision in the first place; other
then me living with them. There are alot of families who live together
now thanks to the economy and struggling to find a place of my own
and I am tired of family trying to make me look like I can't make a
good decision. I feel that because of this fight(bad argument) that
something bad is going to happen. I feel like now I am going to have
to look over my shoulder. I will remain to stick to my guns and do
what is needed for my Daughter, but, I feel that I will have to look
for a another place to live. I see nothing but trouble ahead and inter-
ference causing a major set back for me and my Daughter.

What should I do? Is it a bad idea to homeschool under someone
elses roof? What should I do?


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