Prayers for Jennifer Hudson and Family

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Prayers for Jennifer Hudson and Family

Post  Admin on Wed 29 Oct 2008 - 0:09

I just wanted to take the time to post a prayer for Jennifer Hudson and her Family.

It is very sad when you lose a loved one for whatever reason. It is even sadder
when loved ones are lost due to someone deciding to take their life away. Every
single day we struggle to stay afloat. We wake up each morning blessed to see
another day, not knowing if it is our last. It doesn't hurt to let someone know what
they mean to you from time to time, even if you are angry with them, you pray for
them and let time heal the wounds. It should never be when a crisis comes into play
that we are forced to see what really matters in our lives. It is "FAMILY". Family
matters. Children matter.

My heart goes out to those who are in pain. May the LORD guide you and whisper
the much needed asurance that everything will be alright. When we fall, we rise
again. When it truly matters, we are there for ane another. Hollywood always seems
to get more coverage then the average joe- overall, we see and hear of tragedies all
the time, some of them buried yet we know they happen. Each time that it does, whether
it is covered through the medias eyes or eyes of the nieghborhood only, it is still a reminder
of how short life truly is.

We thank you LORD for our time, trial and tribulations that you see fit for us your
children to handle. We Thank you LORD for each given moment that we are allowed
to experience at your mercy. It saddens us that our children that you allow us to
care for, take under our wings pay the highest price for our sins as we make mistakes
for it is they who are the true Angels that walk among us as we strip their innocence
away slowly. Forgive us LORD. We strive everyday to protect them. We question the
WHYS but deep down we know that things are happening around us that will in time
ALL be ANSWERED from the heavens above.

We HUMBLE ourselves LORD to continue to struggle to understand. WE LOVE YOU LORD
and in youe NAME we enbrace your blessings. Thank you. Amen

For those who are not christians, I am not trying to disrespect. I am posting from my
heart and I hope I don't offend. My Brothers and Sisters I pray for you ALL. It has
been a while but long over due to just post that you are ALL in my Prayers.


Love AD


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