Parenting, Dating and being Single

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Parenting, Dating and being Single...Does it work?

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Parenting, Dating and being Single

Post  Admin on Wed 5 Dec 2007 - 18:53

As a Parent the stress rises each day as we are faced with our Daily Living
and the obstacles that seem to linger in our paths. You need an outlet, a
friend. Sometimes it can get overbearing feeling boxed in and from time to time
you just want to get away just for a spell. Dating can be quite the challenge
when you have such a busy schedule because will be one more thing
to add into that busy Schedule, taking time away from something, yet it would
be a small sacrifice to talk to someone, have dinner, relax the mind, catch a movie
and just enjoy the companionship. Sounds great! Are things going well?

Dating is one thing, a relationship is another. Can it be done successfully? or
Has it caused more trouble? What happens when your friend requires more time?
What happens if they seem to be kool with the idea of your decision to homeschool
(that is if you've told them) and suddenly they disagree with your decision. Are
they a threat now? Will they cause problems for you? or Have you just decided to
just keep personal issues out of the mix and just Date without going there?

Lets find out what you think.

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