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Greetings to ALL,

This Forum has been created to be connected with AASPH Group so that
the Members can further explore various subjects regarding their daily
living as homeschooled Parents. Please feel free to Post what is on your
minds, cirriculums that work best for you as parents, and links to perhaps
alleviate the stresses that come along with Homeschooling during the hours
of your liesure times.

In the next coming weeks, there will be postings with a Variety of limitless
information that will assist you with your plans and portfolios or for those
whom are just staying abreast of information, who has chosen to give their
child the option to have life experiences-unschooling v.s. Homeschooling.

Please get involved...Lets continue to network/connect with one another
as we broaden our horizons for our childrens future. sunny

Thank you

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